Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Crafting can bring a family closer!

Hello everyone! Sorry for the long absence. I have just been busy with everyday life.
Although I have not forgotten about my passion, which is crafting! I had 2 recent weekends full of crafting with my family and let me tell you!! They were AWESOME!! We had such a great time and I really loved getting to spend the time with the people I love.
Below are some fun pictures from our crafting weekends along with some cards I made.
**Faces of my family have been covered for their privacy!!**
Teaching my aunt how to use the Cricut!! She bought one the very next day!! (yes I'm an enabler)
We didn't just do paper crafting- here is my MIL making a bag!
Weaving ribbon for a purse!
Creativity is never neat!!
All busy at work!!
One of my cards!
another of my cards! Dino-Mite!
This was the next weekend with my sister and nieces! My sister is getting so good at scrapbooking
Even my little nieces are learning!
So creative!!  

Well I hope you enjoyed a look into the GREAT family fun we have been having! I did a couple of new scrapbook pages that I will get on my blog soon. I just need to photograph them!! Everyone enjoy the rest of your week! Thanks for stopping by!!